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  • ADR specializes in assessing and evaluating DEI practices, and offering recommendations to grow organizations' DEI capacity. This work includes engaging directly with key stakeholders as well as research and review of organizational assets, policies and data; and may involve activities such as team listening sessions, 1:1 DEI interviews, and equity auditing. Our DEI assessment and evaluation serves as the first step to identifying our clients’ strengths and growth opportunities, and beginning to develop a DEI strategic plan.

  • ADR works with organizations to develop and execute impactful DEI tactics and overarching strategies. Our strategic planning services provide clients with a suite of resources to achieve their DEI goals and a roadmap for successful implementation. In our 3-part How to Create a Winning DEI Strategy series, ADR lays out what it means for your organization to commit to DEI and what to expect along the way. We also provide consultations and planning support for DEI leadership and special projects including DEI committees and Employee Resource Groups.

  • Workshops and Trainings ADR offers a wide range of workshops and training that hone in on specific issues in DEI. These sessions are designed to engage and empower your team to expand their knowledge of key DEI topics and advance your organization's DEI objectives. View a select list of our workshops below:
    - Bystander Intervention
    - Cultural Competency and Humility
    - DEI: What's it All About?
    - Equitable Decision Making In Governance (for Board of Directors)
    - How to Debias Your Recruitment
    - Leading Brave Spaces: Facilitating Dialogue Based Sessions on Identity and Inclusion
    - Unconscious Bias

  • We provide leadership coaching programs and services for leaders who want to learn more about how to ignite a culture shift in their organization where DEI is not just a part of the conversation, but a part of real, actionable change. Our Inclusive Leader Coaching Program includes 6-90 minute meetings with an individual leader/executive to dive into the current status of DEI, provide resources and guide them to create their own DEI Strategic Plan. During the allocated meetings, leaders can expect to review topics such as DEI basics, identifying your why for DEI, tackling bias, understanding stakeholder needs, and creating a sustainable and action-oriented DEI strategy.

ADR Consulting Group offers a broad suite of DEI services, including organizational assessment and evaluation, strategic planning, workshop facilitation and training, and leadership coaching. Our offerings provide organizations with the tools, research, resources, and strategies needed to bolster DEI efforts in the workplace and create environments that foster employee satisfaction, trust, and engagement. Read more about our services below to learn how ADR can support your organization’s unique needs. Service customizations available.


ADR would be happy to speak with you further about our services and how we can begin working together!

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